Learning Center


We are developing our Learning Center to share some fun and helpful:

'how to'
'where to look
and  'what to do'
information with our visitors.


Not just information on how to use our products, but to try and help you
recognize, appreciate and enjoy the amazing, diverse, beautiful, foreign and often hidden...
the world around you!


We call it the ‘Peter Pan Effect’

Initially as children, we are captivated with everything new around us.  We are constantly exploring, looking for new things but then as our responsibilities increase, we forget about and lose sight of the magic that surrounds us all… no matter where we live on this planet.

Children get it... and when given a little encouragement and the right tools,
you will be giving them not only great memories but a gift that will last them their lifetime...
an appreciation and ongoing enjoyment of their natural surroundings.

Have Fun, Look, Learn, Wonder, Enjoy and Share for a lifetime!


Welcome guest,