About Us


We design and make what we sell!

Since 1986 we have been manufacturing our products here in Wisconsin. 

Our mission is to provide unique, quality, durable, purposeful products/tools to help others, both children and adults, to recognize and enjoy some of the simpler things in life. 

By helping others to recognize and enjoy their outdoor surroundings we believe we will be providing them with a gift, one that they will continue to share with their friends and family members throughout their lifetime. By instilling this enjoyment in others, the company further believes that their customers will become greater stewards of this planet, as we all generally protect those things we enjoy most.

Through the years, our company has received multiple awards from many prestigious consumer and trade organizations. You have read about us in national magazines and seen our products featured on TV and used on the sets of many popular TV programs. Many of you have grown up using our products!

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We support the 'Specialty Retail Industry' and applaud your local retailers for the services and support they provide to their local communities throughout this country!
Please shop at your local retail stores... and ask and look for our  tweber and  ento Products..

From all of us at TWC of America... Happy Exploring!


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